Wheat Straws– Top alternative for Plastic Straws

Plastic Straws – A threat to our environment

Plastic straws are one of the most used plastic products in the world. A study conducted in US says that 500 million straws are used each day by people in the United States alone. Many types of straws cannot be reused or recycled because of the chemicals they are made from. Most of the straws we use are not biodegradable and disposing these plastic straws results in massive plastic pollution.

Alternative for Plastic Straws

It is time for us to think about an alternative for these plastic straws. Here comes the importance of Wheat Straws. These are stronger than paper straws, smoother than plastic straws and above that, this is Gluten Free. These drinking straws are made from natural wheat crop leftovers. These are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

wheat straw - disposable straw - eco friendly straw - save the planet - gluten free straw


Gluten Free Straws

The Wheat straw is Gluten Free – These straws are made from Wheat crop leftovers, the grain seeds, which are harvested for food production, are the part of the plant that contains gluten, not the stalks.


disposable straw - wheat straw - eco friendly straw - gluten free straw - save the planet

These Wheat straws are fully grown in nature. As these develop a strong structure, it does not need any chemicals to make it stronger. It’s the most eco-friendly item you will ever buy, as it’s made of the stalk of a cereal plant, so it’s sustainable and no production process is required to make it. Just wash, sterilize, cut and voila….you can’t get more natural than this. It’s pocket-friendly, zero waste and looks classy. You will definitely impress everyone with your green and unique taste.

Wheat Straws in UAE

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Let’s stop using plastic straws and start using Wheat straws which are eco-friendly and by this we can reduce the plastic pollution.

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