Eco friendly Stationery Personalised in Dubai

Sustainable Stationery & Hotel Stationery

As the world moves toward sustainability, it is the small steps that get us close to a greener future. Every year, millions of tonnes of Stationery end up in landfills due to the lack of recyclability. Here, at Save The Planet, we offer a wide range of Sustainable Stationery for everyday use for offices, hotels, schools, and more. Our sustainable approach has been lauded and adapted by several organizations looking to shift towards a carbon-neutral approach. We offer customized offers for offices and hotels at competitive wholesale prices in Dubai. With Dubai being an epicenter for tourism, Hotel Stationery often remains underutilized as hotels and resorts have to change stationery every time a new guest checks in. This creates a lot of stationery waste that can’t be recycled in more instances. That is the reason why more hotels are opting for Sustainable Hotel Stationeries that can be recycled and reused.

School Stationery

Even with several digital practices being implemented in schools, stationery waste is an issue the education governing boards are very concerned about. We all know how frequently a student requires new stationary and with most of the school stationery options being less environmentally friendly and non-sustainable, students and schools just end up not utilizing stationery after a single life cycle. Save The Planet, on the other hand, partners with several schools to provide School Stationery that is 100% sustainable. With Save The Planet partnership, a school can save millions of tonnes of stationery from going to waste as they are 100% recyclable; turning waste to good use.

Green Stationery & Eco Friendly Personalized Stationery

With our capacity to make eco-friendly personalized stationery at scale and with cost-effectiveness, we are changing how corporations take a step forward towards sustainability. Green Stationery is the future of every workplace and several companies in Dubai are taking note of it and implementing it in their workplace. We offer customized solutions for small and large-scale companies to completely adapt to green and sustainable stationery with plantable notepads, plantable pen and pencil combo, plantable envelopes, and more. All these products can be customized to meet your style and profile at a very cost-effective price with Save The Planet.

Stationery Dubai

Become a part of the change by opting for Sustainable stationery by Save The Planet. One of the leading providers of Stationery in Dubai, Save The Planet has a large selection of eco-friendly stationery options like plantable stationery boxes, calendar jute kits, plantable calendars, plantable paper seed pens, plantable colouring pencils, jute kits, plantable premium seed pens, plantable classic seed pencils, and more to choose from. Even if you introduce one of the options from above, you can end up saving lots of plastic wastes every year. All our plantable stationeries are available at great prices and you can get discounts on bulk ordering.