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Contact us, to buy cutlery and a variety of bags or stationery from a renowned brand. All our products are of premium quality which is durable enough to last long with a hearty blend of formal and as well as casual flatware sets. A key highlight of our dinnerware is, it is made out of areca palm leaves that can easily be microwaved and refrigerated. Your contribution is the better future for us all.



The leaves that fall naturally on the ground are collected and washed with fresh water to remove dirt and dust. The leaves are then heat pressed into the desired shapes and sizes. Finally, the plates are cleaned, sterilized, and packaged. You can learn more about the process here.


Our dinnerware from fallen leaves/palm leaf plate line is produced in India.


While they are very durable, they are a disposable product and recommended for single use only. If they were only used for light, dry snacks, it may be possible to wipe with damp cloth. Prolonged submersion in water will cause them to soften, as they are purely natural and not treated with any protective coatings.


No. Our palm leaf products are made from the leaf of the Areca palm tree. Palm oil, which is linked to mass deforestation, is harvested from a completely different variety of palm tree.


No chemicals or additives are used in manufacturing the plates. Only water and heat is used throughout the process.


No. Only naturally fallen, dry leaves are used for manufacturing of these products, which are otherwise waste. The raw material sourced is completely sustainable!


The leaf is completely natural, therefore color variations are normal reflection of this. Since products are not treated with any chemicals or additives, the original colours remain in the products.


Yes, within reason. Save The Planet Palm Leaf plates are significantly more durable than plastic or paper plates. It’s perfectly safe to heat our palm leaf plates in the microwave for up to 2 minutes on high or in an oven up to 350 degrees for 45 minutes (making sure they are at least 6″ from heat source). You can also store Palm Leaf products in the refrigerator or freezer. 


Yes: liquids, soups and anything else you can cook up! Just look through our Instagram or online photo galleries and see it in use.


No. Save The Planet Palm Leaf products won’t alter the taste of your food in any way. Additionally, the issue of food leaching is diminished since no lacquers are used in the process (which is a problem with plastics or PLA plastics/bioplastics face)


Our products are very strong and possibly the strongest & toughest disposables currently available on the market.


Our product is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Because there is no bonding agents, wax coatings or chemicals it becomes good organic compost when disposed of.



Our straws are naturally grown wheat. They’re basically just the bottom of a cereal plant.


After harvesting cereal plants for food, the remaining stalks are collected and hand-cut into drinking straws. The straws are cleaned with sterilizing methods using hot water. No chemicals or bleach involved. 


Yes they are! Our straws are made from the dried stem of the wheat plant, not the grain. 


These eco friendly straws are suitable for cold drinks, juices, water, lemonades, cocktails and more. But because of the narrow diameter that vary between 3 – 7 mm, drinking milkshakes and smoothies will be a lot harder through these straws. Therefore we would not recommend them for drinks with a thick structure. 


Yes, Save The Planet Wheat Drinking Straws are made from the stem of the wheat plant. These Wheat Drinking Straws are not intended to be eaten or digested and should only be used as a straw to drink various liquids. Our straws are rinsed thoroughly three times before packing to ensure quality.


Hay and grass allergens can vary person to person, and everybody is different. If you suffer from severe allergies to hay or grass we recommend you consult your doctor or allergist before using Save The Planet Wheat Drinking Straws.



Yes, it completely is! Our vision for Save The Planet Plantable Stationary was to make it completely safe for everyone. We knew that kids tend to chew on the pencils – which is why we made sure that we use the highest quality non-toxic, kid-safe solution to bind the newspapers together.


It sure does. Infact, Save The Planet Plantable Pencils sharpens much easier than traditional wood pencils – since paper is smoother and softer than wood. Also, it is oven dried for 24 hours, making the newspaper crisp and easy to sharpen. This also helps increase the life span of the sharpener. Hurray!


Absolutely NOT! The lead is high quality, 2HB standard, and will give you an amazing experience when you write. In addition, since each pencil is made by the rolling process, the graphite core is always perfectly centered – unlike wood pencils that may have the lead non-centered. Non-centered leads tend to break when sharpened, not the centered lead.


No. In fact, it’s a myth that pencils contain lead as lead has not been used in any pencils since Roman times! The Save The Planet pencil is 100% natural and non-toxic.


Save The Planet pens/pencils are non-toxic and completely safe – even if you eat the seed capsule. This contains a bit of tree flour and some seeds and is completely harmless if ingested – although it won’t taste great!


That depends on the plant variant.  One of our fastest and most popular variants is basil, which germinates between five and ten days after planting. In just two weeks, you can have a pot of fresh basil.


The pencil stub basically functions as a name tag for the seed type of your pencil. It’s 100% biodegradable and will decompose if buried.


No. The pencil stub has absolutely no impact on the new plant.


Most definitely! Any logo or message can easily be engraved on the side of the pen/pencil and the packaging can also be designed with your logo or messaging. The only condition is that you order a minimum of 500 quantities.


The idea is to plant the pencil stub when it’s too short to write or color with. This gives it a new lease on life. Instead of being thrown away, the Save The Planet pencil becomes a symbol of sustainability. Use n Grow and not Use n Throw!


Yes, they come in eight colors and classic gray. Each color has its own plant variant. See the product catalog for more details.


Yes. It depends on the plant variant and the season. See plant info for more details.


Save The Planet pencils are popular with adults and children of all ages and make great gifts. In a business context, they are an ideal promotional gift for launches, kick-off meetings, seminars, conferences and teambuilding events – as well as a good alternative to plastic pens.


Surely we can. Infact, we pride ourselves in being able to customize Save The Planet Plantable Stationary for ANYevent – Corproate Event, weddings, marathons, get-togethers, charity balls, birthday parties, farewells and so on. The best part? We have a mind-blogging low MOQ – starting at just 500 pens/pencils and beyond…and prices the VERY best in the industry! Now, that’s a stunning offer, don’t you think? You can drop an email to with your requirements and we will be able to do the needful.


Yes, we do! If you are from outside India, please write an email to with your requirements and we will be able to do the needful. For people from India, we charge a FLAT rate courier charge, irrespective of the number of boxes of Plantcil you order. Go ahead and order a lot of them and be the cynosure of people’s eyes?


Not Save The Planet! Each pencil of ours is hand-crafted to perfection, and comes with stunning colors that has wowed audiences of all age groups alike! Just the joy in sharpening our pencils and watching the exquisite strands of newspaper form amazing patterns is a sight to behold by itself. Newspaper pencils aren’t boring – they are sharp  and fun. 


Oh yes, you can! Infact we love working with leaders from various schools, colleges, and corporates in contributing to the ecological wellbeing of our world – and to drive home the need to go ecofriendly, and practice the 3Rs: ReduceReuse, and Recycle. Please write a mail to and let us know how you can help!



  • Our bags are exquisitely crafted out of a unique combination of jute, juco, cotton and canvas. 
  • The materials used are eco-friendly and are biodegradable and compostable.
  • Each bag’s design and its fabric leaves a long lasting impact in the minds of most of our users.
  • The materials used for jute bags are 100% jute and for cotton bags the fabrics are woven both on powerlooms and handlooms.
  • Our bags and pouches in this category have found universal appeal and acceptance primarily for their practical designs and everyday uses. These provide a smart and economical alternative to existing polybags.
  • The color of the fabric may be natural, bleached or dyed. 
  • Both laminated and non-laminated bags are available.


  • Sizes are in Height x Width X Gusset. Just clicking its photograph can attain details of each bag. All sizes are in inches.
  • During production of the bags, there may be a slight variation from the actual size.


  • The innerside of bags are laminated for strengthening them and protecting the contents from damage and shocks.
  • Lamination also makes them water resistant.
  • We can also provide Rubber/latex lamination making the bag 100% eco-friendly.
  • Non-laminated bags are also available.


  • Bamboo handles.
  • Cane handles.
  • Jute sling handles.
  • Rope handles.
  • Leather handles.
  • Cotton tape handles.
  • Handles with embroidery.
  • Metal Handles
  • Handles with applique work.

We have in-house designers to create any type of handles as per your requirement.


  • We employ the Silk Screen method and Heat Transfer Capabilities of printing.
  • In addition, we have in-house Digital Printing facility making any design and impression possible.
  • Company logos or designs of any type in as many colors required can be printed on these bags to make them effective and impressive gifts or promotional items.
  • We can print multiple colors on both sides of the bags.
  • We have our own in-house design department, who can develop a range of bags according to your required specification.
  • Our colors are azzo-free.


Each bag can be custom designed by you in any size or shape with accessories like:

  • Shoulder Straps.
  • Pockets and Closures.
  • Sophisticated Handles.
  • Zippers.
  • Velcro.
  • Embroidery- Hand and machine.
  • Trendy Buttons.
  • Metal Studs.
  • Applique Work.
  • Beads and Shells.
  • Coconut Buttons.


  • Samples are available at FOB India cost and actual courier charges. 
  • You may save the Courier charges by providing us your courier account number.
  • We will despatch the sample within one week. For intricate design the period may be extended.


  • Samples can be made as per customer’s requirement. 
  • It would add no extra charges for a single except courier charges. More than one piece would be charged accordingly.
  • We can print single color screen without any charges. For multi-color printing we will charge nominal amount which may be adjusted with subsequent order of more than 1000 pieces.
  • One week time is required to dispatch the sample. More time may be taken depending upon intricate design.
  • We would need your artwork or design for your customized sample.
  • We would confidentially preserve your design.
  • Each bag can be custom designed of any size or shape with pockets, zippers, velcro, closures and multiple colors in solids and patterns, besides an attractive range of handles to choose from.


  • The packing of goods will be in 5 ply or as per the requirement of the material.
  • Special packing can also be done.


The minimum order would be 1000 pieces per design.