Safety Masks & Gloves – Importance of disposing it“Responsibly”

It’s been months that we are leading a different life, “The New Normal” style of living as the term’s been coined, since the beginning of 2020. During these days we’ve got new companions – Safety Masks and Safety gloves.  All of us are waiting to get back to our normal life, a world without the pandemic. But are we really doing our part for a better world?

Since this pandemic hit our world, the usage of safety masks and gloves increased to another level. This shows how much everyone cares about their life, but the question is – Do we give this same care to our Mother Earth?

Almost all the people are using safety masks and gloves to make sure that we stay healthy, but do we dispose it the right way, causing the least harm to our environment?

Safety masks and safety gloves should be disposed responsibly. This will help contain the community spread of COVID-19, and also stop the piling of plastic waste. Littering these on the streets, parking lots and parks will result in a much worse scenario.It is really important to dispose used masks and gloves carefully as they have the potential to spread Corona virus. Since these masks and gloves are lightweight, when these are littered on the streets, they are swept away with the wind and end up in water bodies or in nature, hurting the birds and marine animals who might eat these and ultimately choke to death. By disposing these properly, we are taking care of our people as well as the Mother earth.


How to dispose used masks and gloves ‘Responsibly’ –

  • Dispose your used masks and gloves in the Recycling garbage bins or Medical waste for safe disposal at landfills.
  • Please do not dispose the used masks and gloves in household or public bins.
  • It’s best to use reusable masks, since it is the ideal way to reduce this waste. Make sure you wash the reusable masks regularly to ensure they are clean and sanitary.
  • Please make sure you CUT THE STRAPS and dispose of your masks and straps properly because sadly our wildlife and environment are suffering due to this new form of pollution and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see these masks littering so many of the world’s beaches/oceans/rivers and birds/animals/marine life getting tangled in them.


It is our responsibility to do our best to stop the spread and littering of these products. We will win this battle with Covid-19 and will get back to our normal life but at the sametime we need to ensure Mother Earth doesn’t sufferfor our safety. Wear safety masks and gloves when you go out and ensure that you dispose the used masks and gloves in the proper way.

Let’s Save the World from the Pandemic and Save Mother Earth from our Plastic waste.

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