Plantable Stationery A5 size kits – 7 Eco Seed Colored Ink Pens + 5 Premium Seed Pencils + 1 Plantable Notepad


  • Eco-friendly Stationary. These are Biodegradable and Compostable.
  • The kit includes 7 eco seed colored ink pens, 5 premium seed pencils and 1 Plantable notepad. This comes with a netted jute bag.
  • Ideal for School, Home and Corporate Gifts
  • Leads to Zero Waste. Encourages Sustainable Living.
  • Plantable pens and pencils comes with seeds in water soluble capsules.
  • Made in India


SKU: BG-37


Ecofriendly Stationary Save The Planet Dubai

Save The Planet gives you products that are “Use N Grow NOT Use N Throw”
This Eco-Friendly Stationery kit is giving some serious gifting goals.
It’s a wonderful Gift set that is Classy, pocket-friendly and helps you Save The Planet. Now that’s setting the bar quite high. Suitable for gifting for all ages, This stationery kit is something that everyone will enjoy. Whether it’s for birthday party return gifts or corporate gifts or just something you want to give your friend to make them Go Green. After all, everyone should learn to be environmentally friendly.
This is a gift that will never go to waste. Go ahead, Gift Green 😊

How to-
Notepad: After you have scribbled your hopes & dreams in it and are ready to achieve them; Soak the cover in a bowl of water for 5-10 days. It will sprout into a seed and you can plant that in any pot of your choice. Just give it good sunlight, water and lots of love. Then watch it grow with pride.
Pens and Pencils: Once you are ready to say goodbye to them as your companion and let it begin its new adventure; You plant it nib side up in a nice pot with good location, sunlight is key, then give it some water and lots of love. Finally, in 5-10 days you will see it grow up to become your first step towards Saving the Planet.


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