Natural Wheat Straws (Box Packed, no individual Wrapping) 100 Pcs. Eco-Friendly Product

1. 100% Biodegradable and compostable.
2. Box contains 100 straws.
3. Made from natural Wheat crop leftovers, so it’s a best out of waste product as well.
4. Gluten Free.
5. Ideal for Picnics, Travel and Parties.
6. Responsibly sourced materials and sustainable methods were used for production.

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HAY! Save The Planet gives you Straw made from Straw. How original 😊
These are drinking straws made from natural wheat. The perfect alternative to paper and plastic straws. 100% biodegradable & Gluten Free. It’s the most eco-friendly item you will ever buy, as it’s made of the stalk of a cereal plant (which would have gone to waste otherwise), so it’s sustainable and no production process is required to make it. Just wash, sterilize, cut and voila….you can’t get more natural than this. It’s pocket-friendly, zero waste and looks classy. You will definitely impress everyone with your green and unique taste.
What are you waiting for… Say bye bye to plastic waste…. Hello Wheat Straw.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 21.3 × 7.1 × 3.8 cm

4 reviews for Natural Wheat Straws (Box Packed, no individual Wrapping) 100 Pcs. Eco-Friendly Product

  1. Femina

    Really good straws. No taste difference. Simply the best. Loved it

  2. Nora

    Awesome one, the best eco friendly straw, will recommend to my friends.

  3. Samuel

    To be honest, didn’t expect the wheat straws to be this good. I ordered this for an event and everyone loved this one. Thank you team for delivering the order on time. Really good service. Will order for future events.

  4. Mark

    Good Straw. I will recommend to my friends for sure.

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